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Membership in the association closely parallels the changes in the housing industry. In 1967 the industry declined and so did the membership. The same thing happened in 1982. Today, the membership in our association is relatively small but we are no less committed to serving the needs of those involved in the housing industry.

Various committees meet as needed. The general membership meets every two months, except during the summer. Meeting times and locations vary depending on restaurant accommodations.


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Volume 17, Issue 3  •  July – September 2016
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Amedica releases Valeo II TL silicon nitride interbody fusion devices Redesigned Transforaminal Lumbar Device Provides Amedica with Broader Interbody Fusion Device Market Opportunities Amedica Corporation , a industrial biomaterial company centered on silicon nitride ceramics because a material system to develop, produce and sell novel medical gadgets, is very happy to announce the release of the second generation silicon nitride transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion device.4 billion spinal interbody fusion device market. We remain dedicated to bringing brand-new and innovative solutions to the market that we believe offer distinct advantages to enhance the efficacy of spinal fusion techniques, resulting in enhanced patient treatment.. Continue reading

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The concentrate on the propaganda-powered swine flu ‘pandemic’ is certainly outrageous taking into consideration the very actual epidemic of autism. .. Autism prices among U.S. Kids is one in 91, says new report National Autism Association Phone calls Upon Obama to Declare Autism a National Wellness Crisis A fresh report away yesterday places autism prices among U.S. Kids at one in 91, with autism affecting one in 58 boys today. These new quantities, from Health Assets and Providers Administration , U.S. Department of Health insurance and Human Services, are prompting outrage from parents and autism advocates over inaction from authorities health organizations in addressing the crisis influencing thousands of American households. As opposed to its response to these alarming figures, the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance has spent vast amounts of dollars developing an H1N1 vaccine despite developing questions regarding the intensity and prevalence of swine flu, and concerns on the security of the vaccine. Continue reading

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Clioquinol appears to block the genetic action of Huntington’s disease Clioquinol, an antibiotic that was banned for internal make use of in the United States in 1971 but continues to be used in topical applications, appears to block the genetic action of Huntington’s disease in mice and in cell culture, according to a study reported by SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA VA INFIRMARY researchers. The scholarly research, led by principal investigator Stephen M köpa cialis . Massa, MD, PhD, a neurologist at SFVAMC, in the August 16 was reported, 2005 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Continue reading

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The researchers found those students who smoked cigarettes, and those who had ever used alcohol, marijuana or other illicit substances were much more likely to use hookah. Tobacco use and contact with secondhand smoke will be the leading preventable causes of morbidity and mortality in america, stated a report co-author Michael Weitzman, MD, a professor of Pediatrics and of Environmental Medicine at the NYULMC. Cigarette make use of has decreased by 33 percent during the past decade in the US, while the usage of alternative tobacco products such as hookahs has improved an alarming 123 percent. That is specifically worrisome given the general public misperception that hookahs certainly are a safe alternative to cigarettes whereas evidence shows that they are even more damaging to wellness than are smoking cigarettes. Continue reading

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Some individuals would argue against treating sufferers with mild cognitive impairment because they will have a shorter survival, Robb said. But, you know, 53 months-almost 4. 5 years-is a fairly significant period of time to live. Related StoriesMeat-rich diet may increase kidney tumor riskMD Anderson study reveals why chemotherapy medicines not effective for many pancreatic cancer patientsNew findings reveal association between colorectal cancer and melanoma medication treatmentThe sufferers in the UGA/Moffitt research generally received the same treatment regardless of cognitive status, but various other studies have found that patients with dementia receive fewer cancer screenings and undergo less aggressive treatment often. Continue reading

CFTR protein regulates inflammation and cell loss of life in emphysema.

‘Our findings suggest that CFTR is normally a multi-tasker protein that is not only involved with chloride transportation but also in regulating cell loss of life and swelling by keeping in balance the rampant and dangerous accumulation of ceramide,’ stated principal investigator Neeraj Vij, Ph.D., a pulmonary researcher at Hopkins Children’s and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. To explore the link between tobacco smoke further, CFTR and ceramide, the experts compared lung cells from mice with ‘virgin’ lungs never exposed to smoke to tissue from the lung area of mice subjected to cigarette smoke for five hours a time over five days. Continue reading

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