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Membership in the association closely parallels the changes in the housing industry. In 1967 the industry declined and so did the membership. The same thing happened in 1982. Today, the membership in our association is relatively small but we are no less committed to serving the needs of those involved in the housing industry.

Various committees meet as needed. The general membership meets every two months, except during the summer. Meeting times and locations vary depending on restaurant accommodations.


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Volume 17, Issue 3  •  July – September 2016
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Has some simple resolutions and fun tips for staying heart healthful in the brand new year.

F. Fibers is your friend: Read the diet label on foods so you know what you’re eating also to better manage your cholesterol, fiber and other nutrients. G. Glucose in moderation: An excessive amount of sugar and starch donate to diabetes. Get tested for diabetes with a blood glucose test, and scale back on pasta, potatoes, sodas, ice cream and junk food. H. Healthy life-style: Lead a healthy lifestyle, this means no smoking, viewing your clinician each year for a physical, and laughing often. Continue reading

Can cows milk be good for us?

One cannot help but wonder just how much even worse the results will be from a replication of the Swedish research in America. Lactose intolerance and milk allergyAlthough many confuse the two, a lactose intolerance isn’t the same thing as a milk allergy. Lactose intolerance implies that one’s body cannot tolerate milk since it does not have the enzyme, lactase, which is required to digest the sugar in milk . Lactose intolerance causes abdomen upset, bloating, gas, and loose stools. A milk allergy frequently causes the same symptoms along with irritation and tissue damage. Ordinarily a milk allergy exists without the most obvious digestion problems. Other health problems, especially frequent respiratory infections, ear infections, and sinus infection recommend a milk allergy. Continue reading

Your first thought is approximately safety probably.

Babysitting: Driving Kids Should you have your license and a family group asks you to take their kids somewhere, your first thought is approximately safety probably common info . Driving with small children in the car could be not the same as the driving you’re utilized to. Top Things to FIND OUT ABOUT Driving Kids There will be the rules of the street and there will be the rules to check out when driving kids after that. The three most significant ones are: Get a parent’s authorization first. Continue reading

80 % of individuals with chronic fatigue have no idea it is had by them.

The symptoms are flu-like including discomfort in the muscle groups and joints, tender lymph nodes, and sore throat and head aches are common also. A unique characteristic of the condition is a worsening of symptoms following physical or mental exertion, says the CDC and analysis is mainly made considering a patient's medical history, completing a physical test and doing tests which eliminate other conditions. The CDC considers chronic fatigue syndrome to be a significant public health concern, and state they are focused on research that will result in earlier analysis and better treatment of the condition. The CDC says there are tens of millions of people with very similar fatiguing illnesses who do not fully meet the strict research definition of CFS and the general public health epidemic that may no longer be ignored by the medical community. Continue reading

Bushs budget proposal would allocate $5.

In addition to the PEPFAR funding, the spending budget proposal would offer $300 million for the President’s Malaria Initiative and ongoing malaria programs world-wide . The budget proposal also calls for $3 billion for the Millennium Challenge Corporation, an application meant to encourage economic and political reforms in developing countries, VOA News reports . Bush’s budget proposal comes a week after the House voted 286-140 to approve a $463 billion spending resolution for FY 2007 which includes a $1.3 billion increase for PEPFAR. Continue reading

The judges said the measures opponents didnt demonstrate constitutional flaws in the measure.

Appeals court guidelines Texas may enforce abortion law while case is pending A federal appeals court has ruled that while a controversial abortion law is decided in court, Texas may enforce a statutory regulation that will require women who would like an abortion to be presented with a sonogram. Texas Tribune: Judges: Texas Can Enforce Sonogram Law Today A panel of federal appellate judges has certified Texas officials to enforce a controversial abortion sonogram rules while its constitutionality is being challenged in court. In an opinion, the judges said the measure’s opponents didn’t demonstrate constitutional flaws in the measure, which they said was fatal with their effort to avoid it from taking impact http://www.sildenafilschweiz.com . Continue reading

Big Pharma CEO Fakes Malignancy while Pill-Pressing Doctor Fakes Clinical Trial Outcomes for Bextra.

Even when drug organization executives aren’t lying with their traders or lying to judges, they’re still lying to the FDA and their personal customers about the protection of their medicines. Through the cherry-selecting of medication trials , they lie to the complete scientific community about the true dangers of their chemical substance products. Modern medicine is basically one big lie. It doesn’t function. People aren’t obtaining any more healthy from drugs and medical procedures, but they sure have become increasingly bankrupt. The ‘grand scientific trial’ of medicating a whole country and observing the outcomes has verified quite conclusively that medicines and surgery usually do not create a healthy nation. That is the one medication trial they’ll never report, of program: While people have problems with sky-high prices of degenerative disease, unhappiness, chemical and obesity intoxication, the drug businesses hilariously make an effort to convince people they’re in some way obtaining healthier by popping patented supplements. Continue reading

000 in healthcare deductibles.

Chrysler is the North American device of DaimlerChrysler AG. It is today feared that General Motors and Ford Motors will also look for the same kind of cost savings from the UAW, which includes previously fought any try to shift healthcare costs to its members. According to the survey, annual deductions for employees and retirees using a network of recommended providers will be $100 for folks and $200 for families. Those who go outside that network for health care will encounter deductibles of $500 for individuals and $1,000 for families. Workers may also have co-payments up to $12.50 for vision treatment. Deductibles, although common in most employers’ healthcare plans, have not been part of the plans offered to 35 previously,000 hourly employees and retirees at Chrysler. Continue reading

Bodybuilding Completion Analyzer From athlete.

Bodybuilding Completion Analyzer From athlete, to stiff builders, each one’s chatting about Cretin caverta.biz/caverta-online http://www.caverta.biz/caverta-online . There’s a lot of buzz around Creatine chewies. Just what exactly precisely is Cretin? What is it ideal for? For whom could it be helpful? What can be the foundation of Cretin and what’s the perfect obligation? Read more information about it, to identify more regarding Cretin & its different advantages. Cretin is certainly a nitrogenous organic acid & is a standard component of our skeletal power. It had been originally exposed by Michel-Eugene – Chervil, when he alienated a module from the emaciated muscle and brands it Cretin in the entire year 1845. Continue reading

Childrens TV large with junk food In the 1st Australian study of its kind.

The authors conclude that is too high considering that children should ideally get only 14 per cent of their energy from such foods. In popular programs for kids aged 13-17, high-fat, high-sugar foods made up 66.8 percent of food advertisements. ‘These analyses clearly showed that the applications most favored by children and teenagers have considerably higher proportion of total food and high fats/high sugar meals advertisements in comparison to other viewing occasions.’ High-fat, high-sugar foods are likely to be contributing to surplus energy intake, over weight and weight problems among Australian children, and the authors argue Australia should work to reduce children’s contact with such advertisements. Continue reading

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