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Membership in the association closely parallels the changes in the housing industry. In 1967 the industry declined and so did the membership. The same thing happened in 1982. Today, the membership in our association is relatively small but we are no less committed to serving the needs of those involved in the housing industry.

Various committees meet as needed. The general membership meets every two months, except during the summer. Meeting times and locations vary depending on restaurant accommodations.


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Volume 17, Issue 3  •  July – September 2016
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Brookhaven Science Associates.

Section of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Biosurface Engineering Systems, Inc. of Rockville, Maryland, have already been released a U.S. Patent for a better second-generation technology for designing synthetic peptides that are important for tissue regeneration. These bioactive peptides are made to communicate growth signals to cells of broken tissue in order to foster efficient, fast healing. BioSET has an exclusive license for creating these peptides, which hold promise for improving your body’s healing response in various applications of tissue repair. Developed at Brookhaven Lab, these synthetic peptides, known as growth aspect analogs, are easier to produce than natural growth factors or development factors produced from recombinant techniques. Continue reading

Company finds unique value in autistic employees SANTA MONICA.

But now, he seems to be excelling at it. Parker is certainly a software analyst. Parker says that when he was growing up, he by no means envisioned having a working job like this. 75 % of autistic adults are unemployed Roughly, in part as the brain disorder helps it be difficult to connect to others. But many on the autism spectrum also have an uncanny ability to focus intensely on minute information – – perfect for the tedious work of hunting for glitches in computer software. Marcel Just, who research autism at Carnegie Mellon University. Just says his analysis provides found autistic brains are wired differently. Max Parker is among three autistic employees at MindSpark, and more are trained in an on-site classroom. They have abilities that are very valuable. Continue reading

Cholesterol precursor suppresses inflammatory response genes.

It was pulled from the marketplace and abandoned. ‘We’ve learned a lot in 50 years,’ said Glass. ‘Maybe there’s a way now to make a new drug that mimics the cholesterol inhibition without the medial side effects.’.. Cholesterol precursor suppresses inflammatory response genes, causes atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis – the hardening of arteries that is a primary cause of cardiovascular disease and death – is definitely presumed to end up being the fateful consequence of complicated interactions between overabundant cholesterol and resulting inflammation in the heart and blood vessels. Continue reading

The ongoing organization aimed to exploit this environment.

Related StoriesBD reviews adjusted revenues of $3.133 billion for third fiscal quarter 2015GenCell Biosystems obtained by Becton, Dickinson and CompanyBD reports revenues of $2.051 billion for second fiscal quarter 2015Utilizing cellular and molecular biology to profile single-cell populations alleviates the complexity due to cell heterogeneity. BD cell sorting systems provide researchers the flexibleness to isolate solitary cells of curiosity from a large number of cells in a inhabitants burning up to 18 surface area markers. Evaluation of cellular heterogeneity and the cellular bimolecular procedures is attained by assaying for differential expression amounts utilizing the Fluidigm BioMark HD Program. Continue reading

It will be handed out free of charge to all or any California households.

Dark brown in a televised statement. ‘The science is clear: if mercury and light weight aluminum are secure enough to inject into kids, they’re also safe enough to consume for breakfast.’ What Governor Brown won’t say publicly, however, is definitely that California’s political leadership can be intentionally attempting to recreate Idiocracy while producing a new generation of autistic employees who can run the state’s ever-growing bureaucracy which consists mainly of mindless, repetitive duties. Continue reading

Causing inflammation.

Cantor and colleagues determined a subset of regulatory T cells that can remove pathogenic T cell subsets and inhibit disease progression. Additionally, they determined small proteins that induced even more CD8+ Tregs. These findings suggest that enhancing particular T cell subsets may be useful in combating RA and various other autoimmune diseases.. CD8+ Tregs can remove pathogenic T cell subsets and inhibit progression of RA Rheumatoid arthritis can be an autoimmune disorder in which immune cells assault the joints, causing inflammation, swelling, and erosion. Continue reading

This medication targets a protein known as VEGF that stimulates bloodstream vessel development.

Avastin damages human brain vessels The cancer drug Avastin can be used to take care of advanced bowel cancer in conjunction with chemotherapy. This medication targets a protein known as VEGF that stimulates bloodstream vessel development. Avastin inhibits the development of tumors by trimming off their blood circulation, which deprives them of oxygen and various other nutrition ?eriacta usa . In a small percent of patients, however, Avastin could cause neurological side effects which range from headaches and blurry eyesight to potentially fatal mind and seizures swelling. Related StoriesResearchers successfully fix nerve cell harm in Alzheimer's dementiaResearchers important mechanism which could help drive back infection uncover, allergy and cancerInner hearing damage mind warnings from nerve cellsThe new research reveals that VEGF normally protects the specialized cells that induce a seal between your brain and spine and thus prevent liquid from leaking in to the human brain. Continue reading

Has some simple resolutions and fun tips for staying heart healthful in the brand new year.

F. Fibers is your friend: Read the diet label on foods so you know what you’re eating also to better manage your cholesterol, fiber and other nutrients. G. Glucose in moderation: An excessive amount of sugar and starch donate to diabetes. Get tested for diabetes with a blood glucose test, and scale back on pasta, potatoes, sodas, ice cream and junk food. H. Healthy life-style: Lead a healthy lifestyle, this means no smoking, viewing your clinician each year for a physical, and laughing often. Continue reading

Can cows milk be good for us?

One cannot help but wonder just how much even worse the results will be from a replication of the Swedish research in America. Lactose intolerance and milk allergyAlthough many confuse the two, a lactose intolerance isn’t the same thing as a milk allergy. Lactose intolerance implies that one’s body cannot tolerate milk since it does not have the enzyme, lactase, which is required to digest the sugar in milk . Lactose intolerance causes abdomen upset, bloating, gas, and loose stools. A milk allergy frequently causes the same symptoms along with irritation and tissue damage. Ordinarily a milk allergy exists without the most obvious digestion problems. Other health problems, especially frequent respiratory infections, ear infections, and sinus infection recommend a milk allergy. Continue reading

80 % of individuals with chronic fatigue have no idea it is had by them.

The symptoms are flu-like including discomfort in the muscle groups and joints, tender lymph nodes, and sore throat and head aches are common also. A unique characteristic of the condition is a worsening of symptoms following physical or mental exertion, says the CDC and analysis is mainly made considering a patient's medical history, completing a physical test and doing tests which eliminate other conditions. The CDC considers chronic fatigue syndrome to be a significant public health concern, and state they are focused on research that will result in earlier analysis and better treatment of the condition. The CDC says there are tens of millions of people with very similar fatiguing illnesses who do not fully meet the strict research definition of CFS and the general public health epidemic that may no longer be ignored by the medical community. Continue reading

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