Carbonic CO2 and anhydrase sensing during Cryptococcus neoformans growth.

Albicans and C. Neoformans face significantly elevated CO2 concentrations when causing systemic disease. In their analysis, the authors identify CO2 as a physiological signal that induces the pathogenic filamentous transition in C. Albicans; they also demonstrate an ancient group of enzymes called adenylyl cyclases will be the so-called chemosensors mediating both CO2 -dependent filamentation in C. Albicans and the capsule biosynthesis in C.Curious about whether prostate tumor cells in people also create nestin, the experts looked for this in cells taken from males who had medical procedures to remove locally confined cancers of their prostates and discovered none. But when they looked for nestin in prostate cancer tumor cells isolated from individuals who had passed away of metastatic prostate tumor – in which cancer cells spread out from the prostate tumor – they found substantial proof that the nestin gene was active. That which was different, Berman speculated, is normally that androgen deprivation therapy, a treatment that reduces testosterone in the body, is generally given only when prostate cancers become intense and likely to metastasize.

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