Ashland agrees to obtain ISP Ashland Inc.

It broadens Ashland’s existence within attractive development areas like skin, locks and oral care and attention, which are huge and fast-developing segments of the $5-billion-plus personal care and attention specialty ingredients market. In addition, we expect to a lot more than double the size of our highest-margin functional substances business.’ ISP President and Chief Executive Officer Sunil Kumar said, ‘We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to mix ISP with Ashland. Both ongoing companies have a strong commitment to serving customers with innovative solutions and technologies. We appreciate Ashland’s interest for this business and we believe this mixture offers tremendous prospect of our customers, key business partners and employees.’ O’Brien added, ‘We look forward to welcoming ISP’s workers to Ashland.Tinea was suspected initially, but pores and skin scrapings for fungal contamination have returned negative results. The patient hasn’t had any recent connection with pets or other animals, and treatment with antifungal lotions has been ineffective.

Clinical trial to test whether fecal transplantation works well in treating relapsing C. Difficile For individuals with Clostridium difficile , a persistent and potentially deadly bacterial disease, severe diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, vomiting and nausea are an everyday event. This particularly virulent infection is susceptible to recurrence, even after multiple programs of expensive antibiotics, and treatment plans are limited for sufferers who relapse or develop antibiotic resistance continually.

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