Can you be obese and healthy?

Superficial bladder cancer includes a good prognosis, with 5-calendar year survival rates of 82-100 percent. If a tumor has grown into the wall of the bladder but hasn’t spread to additional organs, treatment usually involves surgery of the tumor, or mixed chemotherapy and radiation therapy, with a five-yr survival rate of 60 percent to 75 percent. Patients with an increase of invasive tumors deeply, which are also generally less well differentiated, and those with lymphovascular invasion experience 5-year survival prices of 30 percent to 50 percent following radical cystectomy..‘The problem behind the results on hypertension is usually when to start intervention, since it is now obvious that associated body changes already are present to some degree at an early stage of life. Additionally it is very clear that treatment in adult individuals cannot normalise the risk, potentially because hypertension-related changes have become already, at least partly, irreversible. So there are grounds for earlier intervention, and serious implementation of lifestyle changes, such as weight control and workout, appears justified..

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