Susan Linn produced the declaration in response to the Kaiser Family Foundations report.

Reflecting the marketing strategies of television advertising, BusRadio focuses on the ‘tween’ market, promising advertisers ‘a unique and effective method to attain’ children in this age group.. Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood blasts TV promotion of junk foods to children In the wake of results that food is the most-advertised product on television programming viewed by children, the Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood recently issued a statement calling for ‘policies that may protect children from junk food entrepreneurs.’ CCFC’s Dr. Susan Linn produced the declaration in response to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s report, ‘Food for Thought: Television Meals Advertising to Children in the United States.’ ‘This invaluable report clearly demonstrates the extent to which kids are targeted with tv commercials for unhealthy food.Problems like climate change, overall economy, organic disease and disasters outbreaks usually do not visit national borders, compelling public wellness officials, academics and experts to think about how exactly to address wide-ranging individual health challenges differently. ‘City planners, health experts and officials are merging understanding and action in brand-new ways to promote healthful placemaking,’ stated Keith Pezzoli, PhD, UC NORTH PARK Section of director and Conversation of the Urban Research and Planning Program. ‘Our health isn’t entirely hardwired genetically. Additionally it is suffering from environmental exposures, stress, diet, urban behavior and design. In our area, we can't consider health on just one single aspect of the border since animals, sick people and pollutants move backwards and forwards.’ In border towns, health threats are normal on both relative sides of the border.

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