A nationally recognized pain management specialist.

We have become pleased to have a health care provider of this caliber sign up for the Ascendant Neuro group. Ascendant Neuro doctors are specially been trained in neurostimulation which functions by safely and lightly stimulating certain nerves, blocking the perception of pain from the brain thereby. Ascendant Neuro’s partner doctors treat all sorts of chronic pain, including any type or kind of severe head pain occurring on a constant and frequent basis. Even patients with severe headaches which have not taken care of immediately other treatments frequently respond significantly to treatment options provided by Ascendant Physicians. In the higher Houston area, Chapman and Ascendant Neuro currently present treatment at University General Medical center and Humble Surgical Hospital with satellite television offices in The Woodlands..Barriers to diabetes treatment include restaurants and high-risk lifestyles Eating out, insufficient interpersonal support and high-risk lifestyles are simply a few of the barriers that stop sufferers with type 2 diabetes from controlling their state, according to a study review that covered 8,900 patients and 4,550 health care suppliers from 28 countries. The scholarly study, released in the March problem of the Journal of Health care and Nursing of Chronic Disease , demonstrates psychosocial, socioeconomic, physical, environmental and cultural elements can provide main barriers to effective treatment.

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