Reported in Decembers Pediatrics.

City kids with asthma overlook preventive treatment A new study by specialists at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and elsewhere suggests that only one in five inner-city kids with chronic asthma gets plenty of medicine to control dangerous flare-ups of the disease. The results, reported in December’s Pediatrics, are disturbing, the researchers state, because preventive therapy failure leads to over-reliance on fast-acting ‘rescue’ drugs after an asthma attack strikes and to more problems and increased threat of death. The researchers interviewed parents of 180 Baltimore city children 2 to 9 years of age identified as having persistent asthma and studied pharmacy records.The actual fact that additional iron-rich foods don’t have the same impact could mean the advantages of beets and the trick to beet root’s capability to ward off cancers may lie in debt color. Dr. Ferenczi, together with his co-employee Dr. S. Schmidt, thought that the traces of caesium and rubidium had been critical. They observed that while other food stuffs contained iron also, the human body can assimilate iron from the beet root even more readily than nearly every other known food.

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