Childrens TV large with junk food In the 1st Australian study of its kind.

The authors conclude that is too high considering that children should ideally get only 14 per cent of their energy from such foods. In popular programs for kids aged 13-17, high-fat, high-sugar foods made up 66.8 percent of food advertisements. ‘These analyses clearly showed that the applications most favored by children and teenagers have considerably higher proportion of total food and high fats/high sugar meals advertisements in comparison to other viewing occasions.’ High-fat, high-sugar foods are likely to be contributing to surplus energy intake, over weight and weight problems among Australian children, and the authors argue Australia should work to reduce children’s contact with such advertisements.Arthrosurface achieves significant clinical milestone in implant technology Arthrosurface, Inc. ( the programmer of inlay joint resurfacing systems, announced the achievement of a substantial clinical milestone. Back 2003, there was no accepted surgical ‘next step’ for those patients that had exhausted conservative & biological therapies such as for example drug injections & microfracture. Related StoriesJust consider it: Giving natural movement to an individual with quadriplegia For very advanced disease in the older aged patient, joint replacement still offers a good option.

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