Biomira documents NDA for novel inhibitor of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha Biomira Inc.

Kirkman, M.D., Chief and President Executive Officer of Biomira. Upon clearance of the IND, we plan to initiate a Stage 1 trial because of this compound in the 3rd quarter of 2007. We are also on track to progress our other pipeline applications, including initiating another Stage 2 trial for PX-12 and filing an IND for PX-866 by the finish of the year. At that time we could have four applications in clinical development, reflecting the guarantee and diversity of the product pipeline. PX-478 can be a powerful inhibitor of HIF-1 alpha, a protein focus on whose amounts are elevated in an array of tumors. The proteins is a key element in the response of a cancer tumor cell to hypoxia , like the angiogenic cascade which allows tumors to determine new blood vessels necessary to their survival and development. Continue reading

Ayurvedic Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream TO AVOID Skin Problems At present

Ayurvedic Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream TO AVOID Skin Problems At present, you will find several skincare products in online shops. Choosing the right product from list is probably not a simple task for all. In this content, we will see the information on ayurvedic Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream to avoid skin problems . We begins our dialogue with aloe vera. As per research, it really is found to become enriched with an array of health benefits. Applying this real encounter pack is one of the very best suggested cures meant for skin diseases. Continue reading

S Young Investigator Awards combine 3 long-standing AAA awards-Bensley.

Thomas Jhou, an associate professor in Neurosciences/Neurosciences Analysis at the Medical University of South Carolina, will receive AAA's 2013 C.J. Herrick Award in Neuroanatomy and can present an award lecture on Dopamine and Anti-dopamine Systems: Polar Opposite Functions in Behavior at the AAA Annual Getting together with at EB 2013. The award recognizes Jhou for the significant role he has performed in unraveling the complex midbrain and hypothalamic circuitry involved with arousal and inspiration, including a noteworthy discovery regarding characterization of the rostromedial tegmental nucleus as a critical cell group that interacts with dopaminergic circuitry to convey negative reward signals. Continue reading

The experts comprehensively reviewed 17 research involving a lot more than 331.

During mania, they might be too finished up to sleep, their thoughts might competition, and they might have boundless energy. During depression, they could feel sad painfully, hopeless, and immobilized. During the past, the higher premature death count among people who have bipolar disorder was related to a higher price of suicide and mishaps. Recently, Katon said, researchers have found that, while prices of suicides and mishaps are indeed better among people that have bipolar disorder when compared to general population, they only take into account the higher premature death count partly. Emerging proof, Katon said, demonstrates nearly all early deaths among people who have bipolar disorder result from medical ailments. As psychiatric circumstances such as for example bipolar disorder are more treatable, Katon stated, We’re saving folks from this disease and dropping them to additional medical illnesses. Continue reading

Caution on mammograms for breasts cancer survivors: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal.

An estimated 207,000 breast cancer cases were diagnosed this year 2010 and the disease killed about 40,000 women, based on the National Cancer Institute.. Caution on mammograms for breasts cancer survivors: Study By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD A new study finds that in ladies who’ve had breast cancers, annual mammograms help identify second breast cancers, but they are not as effective in females who have never had the condition. 23 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Miglioretti and her team found that false positives and interval cancers were both higher in women with a history of breast cancers than in those without such history. Continue reading

Antidepressants Linked to Sudden Death in Women Research just published in the March 17.

Narayan stated in the mass media release that the relationship between antidepressant medications and sudden cardiac death needs more research to determine whether antidepressant medicines directly raise the risk for deadly heart rhythm disorders, however they claim the benefits of appropriately recommended antidepressants outweigh the risk of sudden cardiac loss of life. We can not say antidepressant medications were the cause of higher threat of sudden cardiac death. It may well be that use of antidepressants is certainly a marker for even worse depression, adds Dr. Whang. Our data raise more questions about the mechanisms by which depression is associated with arrhythmia and cardiac death. Continue reading

A Canadian physician has won the AAO Head and Throat Surgery Distinguished Services Award.

He is the Medical/Medical Director of the LHSC cochlear implant system also, and site chief for the Division of Otolaryngology at the University Hospital site of London Wellness Sciences Centre in London, Ontario. Dr. Parnes received his award at this week happened by a ceremony as part of the AAO 2012 Annual Meeting, kept in Washington, DC. The award is shown to doctors in recognition of extensive meritorious program through the demonstration of instructional programs, scientific papers, participation on AAO committees, or within an Academy leadership placement. Continue reading

Ashland agrees to obtain ISP Ashland Inc.

It broadens Ashland’s existence within attractive development areas like skin, locks and oral care and attention, which are huge and fast-developing segments of the $5-billion-plus personal care and attention specialty ingredients market. In addition, we expect to a lot more than double the size of our highest-margin functional substances business.’ ISP President and Chief Executive Officer Sunil Kumar said, ‘We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to mix ISP with Ashland. Both ongoing companies have a strong commitment to serving customers with innovative solutions and technologies. We appreciate Ashland’s interest for this business and we believe this mixture offers tremendous prospect of our customers, key business partners and employees.’ O’Brien added, ‘We look forward to welcoming ISP’s workers to Ashland. Continue reading

Chinese mom gives birth to 15-pound baby Born weighing 15.

The paper also stated it’s not immediately apparent whether Chun Chun made China’s record books. Guinness World Information says the heaviest newborn ever documented was created to an Ohio girl in 1879 and weighed 23.7 pounds . In of the year January, an Iowa woman gave birth to a baby weighing 14 pounds almost, without any surgery or pain medicine, HealthPopreported. The Feed Chinese baby weighs more than 15pounds CBS News RAW: A baby boy born weighing 15.5pounds in central China astounds his average-sized parents, and could be the heaviest Chinese baby on recor.. Chinese mom gives birth to 15-pound baby Born weighing 15.52 pounds in central China, Chun Chun is most likely the largest newborn on record because the country’s founding in 1949. Continue reading

The active type of vitamin D.

Calcitrol – active form of vitamin D – stimulates proteins that inhibits development of breast cancer cells Calcitrol, the active type of vitamin D, provides been found to induce a tumor suppressing protein that may inhibit the growth of breast cancers cells, according to a scholarly study by researcher Sylvia Chistakos, Ph.D., of the UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical College. Chistakos, a professor of biochemistry, has published extensively on the multiple functions of vitamin D, including inhibition of the growth of malignant cells within breast cancer. Continue reading

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